Saturday, March 11, 2017

Review -- The Swap

The Swap
By Nancy Boyarsky

When Nicole and Brad Graves from Los Angeles swap houses for the summer with Fred and Muriel in London, Nicole thinks it may be a chance for she and Brad to work on putting their marriage back together.

Little does Nicole know what adventure awaits her – and it’s not a romantic summer with her husband exploring the historyand museums of the UK, shopping and dining out. From soon after they arrive at their swapped house, Nicole is dodging potential abductors and murderers. From a car bomb to kidnapping to attempted murder and more, Nicole is swept up in a maelstrom of events she doesn’t understand and over which she has no control.

It’s takes a few chapters to set the stage, but once the action starts, you won’t be disappointed. The exploits of Nicole Graves are just beginning, and I look forward to the next mystery she sets out to solve.

Four stars.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Review -- Come Next Winter

Seasons of Change Series: Book One
By Linda Hanna and Deborah Dulworth
Published by Mountain Brook Ink
Come Next Winter is a tale overflowing with strong emotions – love, sadness, fear, joy – that carries the reader along for the poignant ride!

When Carol faces a life-altering catastrophe, she must find a way to re-build her life with her sons, one still at home and the other away at college. It’s not an easy road she must travel, but with her faith strong and most of her family behind her, she takes each difficult step in creating joy and a full life again for herself and her boys.
From the snowy ski hills of Vermont to the flatlands of Arizona, readers will be drawn into the story of Carol and her teenage son Andy, meeting her Mom and Dad, aunt and uncle, cousin and even touching base with her older son Ethan when he’s home from school.

Starting over is never easy, but Carol trusts in God, makes friends, finds love and begins a new chapter in her life in Come Next Winter.

This inspirational novel is an easy read, with well-developed characters, realistic situations, and a pleasant style and voice. The author team smoothly combines life and conviction, love and redemption, family and faith. Pour a cup of tea, put your feet up and treat yourself to this first book in the Seasons of Change series.

5 Stars