Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Over on the Make Mine Mystery blog at www.blogspot.com, there's a post about having lots of books around and it got me to thinking about my books and their place in our life. Books are everywhere -- family room, living room, bedroom, office, bathroom -- often the dining room as well. I have them on shelves, in book cases, on tables, on vanities and nightstands, even a couple in a lovely woven basket, some in drawers and on desks! There are magazines, books, catalogues -- if it's in print, it's reading material. I've read a cereal box while eating breakfast!

I come by it honestly -- both my parents read a lot -- my Dad read to me before I was born. And to this day, Mom and I tell each other about good books we think the other would like to read.

I like fiction, but have a sizeable collection of non-fiction, too; mostly related to the crafts of writing and editing.

I have books I'll re-read, authors I wait for their next release and books I'm willing to share with others. I have a box already packed to take to my sister's cottage next time we go because the whole family reads, and a cottage is a great, guilt-free reading zone!

I'm getting a lot of books from the library these days, but I live in a small town and our indie bookstore closed. To me, a very sad day. But I order books online and usually have a few books in my shopping cart or on my wish list at the online bookstores!

And ebooks make it super-easy to get all the reading I can long for! My publisher, Amber Quill Press, regularly runs discounts on their books -- a nice perk in this economic climate to get something on sale!

To be honest, about the only thing I don't care to read are instruction manuals!!

It's cool and chilly with overcast skies -- perfect reading-by-the-fireplace weather.

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