Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to Write

In these days of ever increasing demands on time as the warmer spring weather arrives, where do I find time to write? By the time I check email, answer the ones that need answering and check the day’s headlines, follow my favorite blogs and get some calls returned….it’s time to do some promo. Need to post on Twitter and Facebook, GoodReads and Linked In, and don’t go looking at other’s pages, if I can resist.

In between are household responsibilities and friends, volunteer work and bill-paying. And don’t forget the day job – in my case, editing. You may have a longer commute than I do – from kitchen to office – but I often work outside of “regular” 9 to 5 hours, finding myself at the computer late at night.
Right now, with the warmer weather luring us out of our homes, we must include get-togethers with friends, shopping and travel and build them into our schedules.

Don’t even think about the down time of getting a cold!!

So, when does my writing Muse strike in the midst of the hectic life? Mine has been prodding at me a lot lately…and at times I can’t always indulge the urge. For me, the best time to write is at night. Everyone else is settled down and it’s “my” time. Add to the fact I’m a night owl and it makes sense. The wee, small hours are often very creative – but sure makes morning come early!

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Ann Stewart said...

I'm with you Libby. After the day job, the kid, dinner, and bedtime, I can't always find the time I need. In the winter I can get away with a little here and there while my son plays inside, but now...forget it. The sun is warm and he wants to be outside.

I wonder if there's time to write in heaven.