Monday, February 1, 2016

Review -- Last Prophecy of Rome

Last Prophecy of Rome
by Iain King
Publisher: Bookouture

When Oxford military history lecturer Myles Munro and his cable news reporter girlfriend Helen Bridle are vacationing in Rome, Myles is pulled into a potential terror threat to bring down the United States of America. With the clue that the US will fall for the same reason the Roman Empire did, Myles is soon on the track of a former love turned terrorist, Placidia, and her African warlord husband, Juma. Throw in a powerful US senator, his son who thwarts a bomb attack on Wall Street, poison, an ancient plague, and plenty of locales from New York to western Iraq, and you have all the elements needed for a story that will keep you turning pages quickly.

Will Myles and Helen solve this puzzle in time to stop the devastation of a modern superpower or will they be too late to stop a catastrophe like the one that brought an ancient empire to its knees?

It is clear author Iain King is familiar with the geography of the Middle East and zips the reader along desert roads to ancient Roman ruins in Iraq, as well as into Turkey, to the heart of New York City and into the centre of modern Rome and its ancient ruins.

The reader of this thriller will be racing with Myles Munro to try to figure out what the terrorists have planned. What brought down the powerful ancient Roman Empire—can the same thing happen, or be forced upon, the modern United States?

An engaging read!

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