Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review -- Karma's a Killer

Karma’s a Killer
By Tracy Weber
Midnight Ink

When Seattle yoga instructor and dog owner Kate Davidson is invited to teach a dog-and-owner yoga (doga) class at a fundraiser for a no-kill shelter hosted by her pet supply store owner boyfriend Michael, she has no premonition it will end in murder. But before long, there’s a protest by animal rights activists, a suspicious fire and a drowning…and Kate is in the middle of trying to figure out if the mother she believes abandoned her as a child had a hand in any of it. With her pregnant best friend Rene at her side, Kate investigates, all while coping with her mother’s arrest for murder, ongoing home renos, the hospitalization of Michael’s father, and the attempted dog-napping of her special needs German Shepherd rescue Bella. As they navigate the practice and politics of animal rescue and animal activism, they encounter a number of people who could’ve committed the murder—co-workers, other rescuers, family…it’s a wide circle of suspicion. When Kate and Rene find themselves face-to-face with the murderer, how will they and Rene’s unborn twins survive the encounter?

This is my first Tracy Weber novel, and it definitely will not be my last. Ms. Weber creates appealing, multi-dimensional characters you want to cheer for…and villains you want to see get their comeuppance. She has a deft hand with her animal supporting cast as well and also sprinkles in interesting yoga information. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing who-dun-it, and you may think you’ve figured it out a couple of times. Ms. Weber is skilled at setting a scene, so from the controlled chaos of a fundraiser dog walk to the serenity of a yoga class, you will feel like you are right there.

If you want to sit back with an enjoyable cozy mystery read, don’t miss Karma’s a Killer.

Five stars!

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